How the ‘Cuddly Drink Water’ was created

The ‘Cuddle Buddy’ was invented in 2013, and it’s now the most popular drink in the US.

Here’s what happened next.

Read more AdvertisementThe drink, named after the cute, green creature in the TV show ‘Candy Crush Saga’, was invented by a small team at the University of California, Santa Barbara, according to a blog post by the team, whose name is pronounced as “cud” meaning “to touch”.

The drink is a blend of coffee, water and cocoa, and is sold in several varieties, including ‘Cud’ with ‘Cuds’ and ‘Caffe’, which stands for ‘Cookie’, which has a similar taste to the green petite.

“The Cuddle Buddy is an experiment in experimentation, and we wanted to create a coffee drink that people can enjoy,” lead researcher Sarah Molloy wrote in the blog post.

“It’s not for everyone, but if you are in the market for a caffeine-free drink, you might be interested in the Cuddle Buddies.”

Cuddle Buddys have been around for a while.

They have been popular in Asia, with some local versions being sold in Australia and New Zealand.

The UK version of the drink has been around since 2014.

In the US, the drink is more commonly sold as the ‘Duck Daddies’, which are available in cans and a 12-pack.

The creators of the Cuddly drink, MollOY, and her husband Aaron Molloys, are both in their mid-30s and have been working as scientists at UCSB since 2014, and have developed the product to make it more accessible for kids.

The Mollozys decided to try to change that.

“We wanted to try something different from a soda, a regular beverage, and instead of going into the coffee, we wanted it to be a coffee and chocolate drink,” Molloya said.

“When we first started working on the Cuddy, we were really disappointed with the quality of the product, so we wanted something better.”

Molloy said she was able to get the coffee and cocoa flavors down, while also adding the “buzzy” flavor.

“You can see in the video how the caffeine and cocoa taste is similar, but we added the ‘buzziness’ and then we added in the chocolate,” she said.

“That was the key to the product.”

Cuddles are made from coffee and milk, and come in different flavors, including: coffee and cacao (Cacao nibs), chocolate, chocolatey, dark chocolate, dark vanilla and cocoa.

The drink can also be made with vanilla and chocolate, or with both.

There are a variety of recipes for the ‘Buddy’, including one called the ‘Mama Buddies’, a “sweet, smooth drink” with coconut and banana and a touch of coconut.

Mollroy said it’s easy to make with just coffee and a spoon.

“If you have a blender, that’s all it takes,” she added.

The researchers said they were also trying to develop the drink to be less sweet.

“So we’ve tried a number of different things, but it’s always hard to get a drink that is not just a sweet drink,” she told ABC News.

“I don’t want to make a drink just sweet because that’s just not the taste I want.

So, we’re trying to make an even more delicious drink that has a slightly different taste.”

The company has been producing the drink for the last three years.

Mollsoy said they had originally intended to make more than 300,000 cups of the ‘Papa Cuddles’ before running out of cash, but that has now increased to 600,000.

“To me, it’s really satisfying, I think, to see it get so popular,” she explained.

“And it’s been a really good experience working with people who are passionate about their craft and trying to create something they can enjoy.”

The Cuddle Buddies are now available at several grocery stores, including Walmart and Safeway.

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