How to use an ‘extra’ water bottle to save water

An extra water bottle can save up to 50 per cent of the water you use every day, according to research published in the Journal of Environmental Management.

The study, conducted by researchers at the University of Sheffield, looked at water usage and the impact of water use on water quality in rural and regional communities in England.

The researchers found that water consumption is linked to water quality, with people drinking more water when their taps are full and when they use an extra bottle.

The extra bottle is actually the most efficient way to use water, because it saves a single litre of water for each litre you use, which translates to saving a couple of litres of water every year.

The authors also found that when people have to use extra water, they save up the equivalent of four bottles of water per day, which is a huge savings.

“Water consumption and water quality have long been linked, but we wanted to look at the impact these changes have on water resources and environmental sustainability,” said lead researcher, Professor Mark Oakes, from the University’s School of Public Health and Environmental Studies.

The paper was published in Environment and Planning A. The findings are also included in an interactive graphic by the journal.

“The research findings provide strong evidence that the extra bottle can help to improve water quality and reduce water demand,” said Professor Andrew Walker, a senior lecturer in the Department of Ecology at Sheffield University.

“It is also clear that people will benefit from this approach, as it is a more efficient way of using water and minimising waste.”

Water bottles are not a new technology, but the study found that people were more likely to use them to drink water when they were thirsty and needed to conserve.

“Our research suggests that the ‘extra bottle’ approach could help people conserve water while drinking less, and potentially reduce water consumption,” Professor Oakes said.

The research also found the extra water bottles have an impact on water-quality.

“The results of our study suggest that if you drink a ‘extra water bottle’, it reduces the water that is consumed by your body,” Professor Walker said.

“This reduces the amount of water that you need to use to meet your daily water requirements.”

People could reduce water usage by taking extra water to drink, or they could save water by using a water filter or drinking water instead.

“In rural communities, people are often forced to use the extra bottles because of a lack of water.

The study found a single water bottle could save up or even replace a bottle that is empty.

This study also showed that water is an effective way of reducing water consumption.

The researchers found people who used an extra water glass or water bottle had less urine, and more urine, than people who did not.”

One of the key benefits of the extra bottled water is that it does not need to be stored in a bottle and it can be used immediately, whereas water that has been sitting in a plastic bottle could take up to a week to fully flush,” Professor Scott Pugh from the Royal National Institute for Conservation (RNIC) said.

Professor Walker added: “This study provides strong evidence for the value of water bottles as a water conservation tool and demonstrates that the average person can benefit from these measures.”

The findings will be presented at the International Water Management Conference in Edinburgh next month.

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