Water supply, gas supply in flood-hit areas is ‘relatively stable’

More than 70 per cent of the region’s electricity generation comes from coal, with a further 25 per cent coming from gas.

The lack of supply in some parts of the country has been a major concern.

Key points:The state’s water supply and the gas supply are stable, but there are some areas that could struggleThe situation in southern Texas could become worse in the next few days, with flash flooding and flooding warnings in place for much of the stateThe Bureau of Meteorology has predicted flash flooding in parts of Texas for several days and warned that it is possible to see some flooding on Sunday.

In a statement, the Bureau of Economic Analysis said it had recorded more than 9,500 flash flooding events in the past 24 hours.

“Our initial analysis shows that rainfall amounts to less than one centimetre per hour, which is very low compared to recent decades,” the statement said.

“The flash flood watches are in place in parts for Texas, Texas, and southern Louisiana.”

If conditions deteriorate, flash flood watch areas could become more vulnerable to flooding, potentially resulting in flash flood warnings.””

If flash flood warning conditions are extended, flash flooding could become a more significant problem, potentially affecting a greater percentage of the population.

“The bureau added that it did not see any change in the number of major hurricanes forecast to hit the US in the coming weeks.”

While there is a large amount of uncertainty surrounding the timing of hurricane impacts, the outlook for Harvey and Irma is stable,” the agency said.’

We’re a little bit lucky’Residents of northern Texas, where the flooding was particularly severe, are now seeing their power cut for the first time in a year.”

I’ve lost everything.

I can’t get a phone line in there. “

My home is gone.

I can’t get a phone line in there.

I’ve got no money for anything.”

We’ve lost a lot of jobs and a lot more property and a very big chunk of our life, we’re a bit lucky.””

We’re just a little more isolated now, it’s been a little rough,” said another resident.”

There’s no water and there’s no power.

“While the region has suffered through some major storms in the last couple of years, this is the first in a long time.”

You could have had another Katrina-type event in the summer of 2015, where we’ve had floods that killed a lot,” said Chris Siegel, an expert in energy at the University of Texas.”

It’s just a matter of time.”‘

I don’t know if this is going to be as bad as Katrina, but it’s going to suck’The latest storm comes on top of another that devastated Texas’ levees in August.

The bureau said the next major storm will be more damaging and longer-lasting.”

In 2018, a second storm, which we anticipate will come later this month, will also likely be much larger and more damaging,” it said.

The US is currently in the midst of a major natural disaster that has devastated much of Texas and its southern neighbour Louisiana.

The storm was blamed on El Niño, which occurred when the Pacific Ocean is warmer than normal, and the remnants of the 2015 Hurricane Harvey.

The Bureau said there are many factors at play that are contributing to the flooding and the threat of another major storm.”

Many factors are at play in terms of climate, including the increased frequency of extreme precipitation events in areas of Texas,” it added.”

These events are driven by El Niño and can be expected to intensify in coming years.


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