How to make a cool drinking water bottle

The DIY DIY version of a water bottle: How to add a bottlecap to your water bottle.

The DIY version, however, can be a bit trickier than the original DIY version.

The original DIY bottlecap: What you need, how to make one, and what you can buy on Amazon.

The DIY version is easy, and there’s plenty of material here to make your own DIY bottle cap.

The only catch is you need a bottle cap that fits over the top of the cap.

I got mine from Amazon and it’s perfect for this DIY version:The DIY bottlecaps: The different sizes available in each color.

The caps have two holes in the bottom so you can attach a capillary tube to the top, or you can just attach the tube directly to the cap without needing a cap.

I got mine for $4.50 on Amazon, which is a bit pricey, but you can easily double the cost by buying the cap in the store for $9.99.

I recommend getting a tube with a hole that is about 1/2 the size of the tube that goes inside the cap, as you’ll need it to hold the tube over the cap to hold it over the bottle.

I used a piece of tubing about 2 inches in diameter.

You can find tubes at your local hardware store.

If you want to make it smaller, use a small diameter tube, like the one shown here.

I used a long piece of electrical tape, cut it in half and threaded it through the holes in both caps.

This is where you want the tubing to go.

You’ll want to attach the cap on the tube so that it can attach to the tubing, and then attach the bottlecap over the tube.

You could also use a piece that’s just a bit smaller than the tube you’ll be using.

Now you’re ready to attach your bottlecap.

You want the bottle to sit flush with the cap so that the tube will sit over the bottom of the bottle cap and keep it from sliding around.

I made mine about a foot in diameter and about 1 inch wide.

To make it a bit more comfortable, I taped it to the bottom.

I then attached it to a piece the same size as the tube I used to attach it to, and that was the part I wanted to use to hold on to the tube:The end result is that I could just barely get the tube in and out of the hole without it sliding around and hurting my capillary system.

If that sounds intimidating, don’t worry.

I’ve got some tips for making it easier.

I attached my bottlecap with some duct tape, which will hold it in place if it falls off.

This was easy, too:If you want a little more room, you could try using a piece you can find in the grocery store or a pair of scissors to trim the cap off the tube, or using a thin piece of wire to attach to a wire loop.

I found the wire to be easy to work with, but I’ve found a few ways to make the cap bigger, like using two small lengths of electrical wire, or attaching it to something like a metal bar.

You can buy a tube of the same diameter as the cap from Amazon for about $3.50.

The tubing is usually about 1-1/4 inches wide, so you’ll want a 1/4 inch wide strip that is at least as long as the tubing you’re using to attach them to.

I’m not a fan of using wire to hold onto a tube.

If it’s going to fall off the bottle, you’ll probably need to cut the tube off.

If not, it’ll just pop back up.

The best way to keep your tube from sliding down your throat is to use a little tape that will stay put in place.

I put a piece in my toothbrush to make sure it stays put.

You should also attach the tubes to the bar you’re going to use as a holder.

You might have to use some kind of cord or thread to hold them in place, but once you’ve got them secured, you can pull them out.

If the tube falls off, it should come right out of your mouth, so be sure to use an eyedropper to see if it’s sticking.

Here’s how I did it:I used the wire in the toothbrush for the end of the end cap, and attached it with duct tape.

I didn’t want the wire sticking out and hurting the tube as much as the bar I used as a bar.

Here’s how it looked after it was all attached:The bottom of my tube is a little bigger than the top.

The tube is going to be about 1 foot in length and it needs to be as wide as the base of the bar.

I’m going to cut that tube off about 1 1/8 inches, so I cut a piece about 3 inches long. I tied a

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