‘This is the first time we’ve ever had to treat a customer like a criminal’: Zebra drinking tap water

Bloomberg Businessweek’s Michael Eberstadt explores how a New Jersey company plans to change the face of drinking water supply in the state by offering consumers a chance to pay for clean drinking water instead of a bill for a plastic bottle.

The state’s drinking water utility, NJDEP, will make a commitment to customers that it will pay them a deposit of at least $1 per day to pay off their water bills.

This will be done in the form of a “zebra water” voucher that can be redeemed for free bottled water.

The company will also make a separate commitment to provide free drinking water to any customers that do not have a valid water bill.NJDEP also announced it will spend $3 million on a pilot project that will allow customers to pay a small fee to use the company’s “free” water service.

The money will be used to buy water from an independent water supplier and the program will cost the average customer $30.NJDepro will be the first of about 70 water companies in New Jersey to offer this program, according to the company.

The plan will not only help New Jersey residents get water more frequently and cheaper, but also to help address water quality concerns in the Garden State.

Last year, the state reported about 6,000 cases of Legionnaires’ disease, with nearly half of the cases coming from the state’s rural areas.

While the water crisis has prompted New Jerseyans to protest water quality, the problem has been largely overshadowed by the state government’s failure to clean up the water supply.

A majority of residents in the U.S. rely on water for at least some part of their lives, and the costs of clean-up and disinfection have skyrocketed.

A report released by the U-M Water Science Center found that nearly half the country’s water systems have not tested their water since 2000, with the U!


government facing more than $6 billion in costs related to clean-ups and disinfections.

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