When it comes to the human body, monkeys and drinking water are different

Drinking water, or water with high carbon dioxide content, is one of the most common human health problems.

But, when it comes down to it, it’s hard to imagine monkeys drinking it.

The monkeys drink water because they have a unique metabolic pathway that allows them to convert the water they drink into energy.

In fact, it takes around 100 milligrams of CO2 to make one kilogram of water, according to a study published in the journal Nature.

It’s a pathway that is almost as old as the human species.

Humans, including the macaques, drink water to purify the water in their gut and help them fight infection.

It is also important for the animals to detoxify the body, and drinking the water helps to remove toxins that may be present.

When it comes time to drink it, the monkeys use a very unique metabolic mechanism.

The water is first converted into glucose, which is then converted into lactate, a waste product of the human digestive system.

This leads to a process called gluconeogenesis, which allows the animals’ muscles to produce ATP.

Lactate is stored in the liver as a fat, and the process then produces a substance called lactate dehydrogenase, which makes the water glucose-rich again.

When the animal is finished drinking the high-carbon dioxide water, it is left with no energy to use as fuel.

The process stops and the body starts to excrete the waste product that was converted into carbon dioxide, including lactate.

In humans, the kidneys remove excess lactate from the blood.

This excretion occurs as the body is able to process the lactate as waste, and as a result, the urine becomes increasingly acidic.

The resulting condition, hyponatremia, is a condition that can cause weight gain.

When drinking water with a high carbon-to-carbon ratio, the body’s natural process for turning carbon dioxide into glucose is stopped and the carbon dioxide is excreted.

The excess carbon dioxide then becomes excreta.

This excess carbon-carbon is converted into water, which can be used by the animals for energy.

However, when the carbon-coefficient of carbon dioxide in drinking water is much higher than in drinking fresh water, the process of gluconeogenic lactate reduction stops.

This results in the animals being unable to use their body’s own energy to digest the water, and it causes them to lose a lot of weight.

In the future, researchers hope to develop techniques to remove the excess carbon from drinking water.

If this happens, the animals may not have to drink any more carbon dioxide.

The reason drinking water causes a metabolic shift in the monkeys is that the carbonate is converted to lactate through a process known as gluconeogenetic metabolism.

The process of glucose gluconeolysis is the main pathway that the animals use to convert carbon dioxide to glucose.

It happens very quickly, and this is because the animals are able to rapidly metabolize carbon dioxide as it enters the body.

The human body uses about 15 percent of its oxygen as carbon dioxide and another 5 percent as glycogen.

The other 10 percent of the oxygen that is released into the blood is converted by the liver into fatty acids, which are used by muscles to make ATP, or chemical energy.

When we consume carbohydrates, these fatty acids can be stored in our liver for later use.

The liver is a part of the body that can store glycogen, and a glycogen is used for energy when the body needs it.

However, the liver has the capacity to convert excess glycogen to acetyl-CoA, the primary form of ATP that is required for cellular function.

The kidneys remove glycogen from the body and convert it into acetylated hydroxy-Co-2, which helps the body make glucose.

The liver is also the place where acetyl CoA can be produced and stored, which the body uses to make more ATP.

The animals are unable to produce the energy that they need to perform this metabolic process.

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