Why India is so thirsty after years of drought – by the numbers

Water levels in the Indian capital are soaring and the capital is suffering the consequences.

In the last three years, Delhi has seen its water supply drop by about 50%, from 9,000 cubic metres (million litres) per day in 2015 to about 3,600 cubic metres in 2018.

That means the city is now running at about 1,200 litres per day less than it was in 2015.

The city is also suffering from a lack of rain and a worsening drought, which has forced many people to stay indoors. 

In some areas, water is being used as a fuel to make charcoal, while other places have been converted to plantations for growing tobacco and sugarcane.

India has one of the world’s worst water crises.

It has one-fifth of the global population and only 2% of the country’s total arable land.

India has about 30 million people who depend on the water system for drinking, cooking, bathing and irrigation.

But as India is experiencing a massive drought, the country is turning to unconventional sources of water for irrigation and drinking.

The country’s population of 4.5 billion people is expected to grow to more than 6 billion by 2030, according to the World Bank.

Water is one of India’s most important resources, and many farmers have resorted to the use of groundwater to irrigate their crops.

India is the world with the highest concentration of aquifers, which are located underground.

Water is the primary resource that supplies millions of people in India.

In India, the total amount of water is about 70,000 billion cubic metres, according a 2015 report from the World Water Organisation. 

Drinking water is a crucial component of the basic infrastructure of a nation. 

India relies on its water system to provide basic sanitation and drinking water.

The government has been working hard to reduce the use and pollution of the water and ensure it is used as it is needed.

But many in the country are worried that the situation is worsening, especially because of the drought. 

It is the third-largest city in the world and its water is critical for life in the capital.

Water conservation has become a key demand of many, particularly among the poor.

In fact, water conservation has been one of many major demands for many people in the past two years. 

The city has been facing drought for almost two years, and it has suffered a severe shortage of water since July 2017.

In the last two years alone, Delhi lost more than 3.3 million cubic metres of water due to poor irrigation.

Water scarcity is an important issue in India, which is one the worlds driest nations.

Water shortages have been reported for years in India due to the countrys poor governance.

In April 2017, the Supreme Court banned the allocation of water to farmers under the Central Water Supply Scheme, which allowed the state to use up water resources. 

Drought conditions are often exacerbated by poor planning, lack of knowledge about how the country will use water and the absence of communication between government and farmers, according the World Development Indicators.

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