‘You’re not going to see me in a wheelchair’: Why the ‘discomfort’ of disability is a big part of the disability industry

A new report finds that disability workers are underpaid, discriminated against, and have to compete with the rest of the workforce for jobs.

The report, entitled Disability Workers: Discomfort, Discrimination and Discrimination in the Disability Industry, comes after an ongoing debate about disability discrimination and the impact of disability rights and workplace policies on the disabled.

Disability workers are paid in proportion to the length of their disability, but their compensation is not set by the length or the quality of their work, the report says.

The report finds the median pay for disability workers in Australia is $28,000 per year, a level of income that is not commensurate with their physical and cognitive impairment.

“The report’s finding that workers with disabilities have to pay less than workers without disabilities is extremely concerning,” said Mark Rylance, chief executive of the Australian Federation of Disability Professionals.

“We need to have a serious conversation about disability and how it impacts on our lives, and not simply pretend it’s not there.”

Rylance said there needs to be a change in the way disability workers receive pay.

“Disability is something that affects people’s lives and they deserve to be paid appropriately for the work they do,” he said.

“This report is just the latest in a long line of disability issues that have been ignored and underpaid.”

It is a disgrace that people with disabilities are forced to compete against each other for jobs that are so challenging.

“The report says disabled workers in the industry are often denied the opportunity to access the work and opportunities that many other Australians enjoy, and that their pay is not tied to their work and their disability status.”

There is no guarantee that the amount of work a worker does will not be paid differently to that of the rest, particularly for those with physical disabilities,” the report said.

The Disability Discrimination Commissioner, Annabelle Lillis, said that she was concerned about the report’s findings.”

I do think that the lack of equality and the lack

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