Crypto-Coin Drinking Water Tank Is Getting a ‘Drinking Water Filter’

A new crypto-coin has been launched to help with drinking water supply in Australia.

The project aims to reduce the number of leaks and prevent contamination of drinking water sources.

The ‘drinkingwater filter’ is a device that automatically filters water from a tank, before sending it through an air filter and into a container.

The device is made up of a metal filter, a copper pipe and a plastic cap.

Users can choose to use the ‘drinkwater filter’, or pay a small fee to purchase one of the devices, and they can use it for as long as they wish.

“The ‘draining water filter’ uses a water filter that filters water through a metal pipe to a plastic container, before passing it through a air filter, before returning the water to the consumer,” said the company behind the project.

The “drinking” part of the device has a button on the side to pour water from the filter into a water tank.

The company has also developed a ‘drilling’ function that can be triggered with the ‘tap’ button.

Users have the option to add their own filter for up to 10 gallons of water.

Users also have the ability to tap into a “clean water filter” for free.

Users will be able to purchase a “draining” version, which includes a device for each tank of water, as well as a “water cleaning” version for each bottle of water to remove contamination from the water supply.

Users of the ‘water cleaning’ version can also tap into “clean” water filters that will remove contaminants from the tap water.

“We’ve also included a feature for each of our users to purchase their own filters for free,” said CryptoCoin CEO Daniel Wilson.

The CryptoCoin “draging” version can be purchased for $4.99, while “clean filtering” devices are $9.99.

The cost of the product is listed on the CryptoCoin website.

“At the moment, the average cost of a device is around $5 per device,” said Wilson.

“Our team of experienced engineers is working closely with local councils to ensure that the devices are available to the communities in a cost-effective manner.”

The company hopes that the project will “help to ensure the safety of people who rely on their water supply for drinking, bathing, and hygiene”.

“We hope that the ‘Draining Water Filter’, which is currently being designed and developed by our team of engineers, will make it easier for the average user to purchase the ‘Water Cleaning’ version of the project,” said Justin O’Connor, CryptoCoin’s CEO.

“This ‘draging’ option will be available to users who live in areas where a water supply is not as reliable, and it is hoped that this will provide a solution to the public health and environmental issues associated with the use of ‘clean’ water.”

CryptoCoin has raised over $2 million in a crowdfunding campaign to date.

The team has also announced a number of new initiatives, including an “end-to-end blockchain solution” for the Australian drinking water industry.

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