How the U.S. drank more water in 2015 than China

When it comes to water, China has been the world’s thirstiest nation for years.

But as the world is slowly realizing, it’s not a water superpower.

A new study published in the journal Environmental Science & Technology finds that China consumed about four times more water per capita in 2015 — about 8.6 million cubic meters per person — than the United States did.

That’s a pretty significant disparity in a country that is a long way from the moon.

The study, which compared water consumption across 10 countries, found that China’s per capita water consumption was roughly 50 percent higher than the U’s per person.

China’s consumption of water is comparable to the consumption of the United Kingdom, which consumed 2.6 billion cubic meters of water per person in 2015.

That’s more than twice as much as the United Arab Emirates, which is currently ranked fifth in the world.

The researchers found that per capita consumption of drinking water was similar across the countries.

But the Chinese were much more likely to drink a ton of water than the average American.

That is the biggest surprise of all.

The researchers found drinking water consumption in China is on par with that of the average United States citizen.

This is a huge discrepancy that can only be explained by the fact that China has the world, the researchers said.

Drinking water consumption may be a relatively new concept in China.

But it’s been around for a long time, said one of the researchers, Michael Fischbach, who works at the University of California, Berkeley.

It was first discussed in the mid-1800s, but has been largely ignored until now, he said.

Water has been an important factor in China’s economy, with the country’s population growing by 7 percent every year.

Its economy is also growing by nearly 3 percent per year.

The country has the largest hydropower plants in the country.

China is also the world leader in industrial automation, and its workforce has grown by nearly 10 percent per person per year since 2010.

But the United states has become the world standard in terms of water consumption.

The United States is the world water-drinking leader, with water consumption being up about 25 percent since 2010, according to the World Water Forum.

China, on the other hand, has a water footprint of about 1.5 percent of its GDP.

Water is a very important issue in the development of countries, said study co-author Michael E. Mann, a professor of political science at the American Enterprise Institute.

China has one of world’s biggest populations and is the largest exporter of water, which can be an important part of its economy, Mann said.

But water is also a major factor in water scarcity and pollution, Mann added.

Water also plays a role in the growth of China’s economic and political power, and the potential for further conflict, Mann noted.

China’s water use is the leading cause of global warming, according the World Bank.

That means China is one of a handful of nations that are rapidly consuming water, Mann told CNNMoney.

The biggest challenges in combating global warming will be to stop people from consuming water and reduce pollution, he added.

But Mann said he didn’t think the water consumption disparity was surprising.

It is just a really, really interesting observation to be made, said Mann, who co-authored the study with colleagues.

He said he expects it will become more and more relevant as the data comes in.

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