How to Get Rid of Drinking Water Stains on Your Snail

There’s a new treatment you may want to try if your snail doesn’t drink water.

According to the American Society of Ichthyologists, a snail’s urine contains about two grams of chlorine.

This chemical is found in human urine and can cause some of the same symptoms as the chlorine poisoning from drinking water.

But a new study has found that a snail that drinks distilled water or water from a water filtration system has less chlorine than one that doesn’t.

The research was conducted by scientists at the University of California, San Diego, and is published in the journal Scientific Reports.

“We found that if a snail drinking distilled water and drinking filtered water had less chlorine, it would not lead to symptoms of chlorine poisoning,” said researcher James C. Miller, the paper’s lead author.

“However, if the snail was consuming distilled water, it also would not be as susceptible to the toxicity.”

Miller explained that a water filter would remove a certain amount of chlorine, which would make the water less acidic.

But the amount of the disinfectant would vary by snail species.

The researchers found that the levels of chlorine in the snail’s pee were about four times lower in the distilled water than in the filtered water.

“When the snail drinks distilled, the water that it consumes is not filtered,” Miller said.

“The amount of filtered water is less than that which the snail consumes.

That means that it is a little bit less toxic to the snail.

So the snail would not have a problem.”

If you’re concerned about your snail’s water quality, Miller said, it’s a good idea to avoid drinking distilled and filtered water at the same time.

He said you can check the pH of your water and tap it to see if it’s higher or lower than the pH that the snail uses to drink.

You can also look for water samples that are taken at a specific point in time, as well as when the snail first appeared on your porch or patio.

“If you are a very high-acid snail, you can also take a pH test and see how it’s changing,” Miller added.

“You can measure the pH and see what pH you are and what it was when it was younger.

And then you can do your own water analysis and see if you have any concerns about the water quality.

If you do, it is probably a good time to try something different.”

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