‘Koala is the most endangered mammal on Earth’: Vice

Koalas are among the most threatened animals on Earth.

And they’re still struggling to survive in the wild.

Vice’s new documentary, “Koala, the Most Endangered Mammal on Earth,” examines the plight of one of the most important and critically endangered animals in the world.

The film, which premieres on Vice in March, tells the story of how the koala was brought to Vice, and why its continued plight is such a global issue.

Vice spoke to Koala expert and author, David Schleifer, about his role in the film.VICE: What are some of the main themes of the documentary?

David Schlefer: One of the things that I think people miss about the film is that it is actually a true story about what happens when the government is allowed to do something that is dangerous.

It’s the same story that you see in the movie.

In the film, the government decides to destroy a wildlife sanctuary and they kill a koala in the process.

It turns out that koalas have a pretty good defense mechanism.

They can smell that they are being poisoned and they’re really not a threat to humans.

So that’s really how they’re being used.

When the government tries to kill a species, it’s actually killing them in the back of a pickup truck.

And that’s a very dangerous way to do it.

Koalans are one of our most threatened species and I think that’s why it’s so important to show that it’s not okay.

It’s a difficult topic to talk about because it’s such a big topic in the West.

The world is obsessed with conservation and protecting species.

But when it comes to conservation in Africa, there is a lack of understanding about what’s really happening.

Why do they keep killing them?

Why are they killing them, why are they poisoning them?

There’s really no research about what they do and why.

What are their motivations?

How did you get involved with conservation?

David: I started out in conservation at the age of 18.

I was living in the UK and my parents were doing conservation work.

When I got to the United States, my parents told me, “Oh, you want to work in conservation?”

And I thought, I really love conservation, but I can’t do it full-time because I’m a university student.

So I started doing work for a living, but the job didn’t appeal to me.

But then I started working for the Humane Society in Toronto.

It was like a dream job.

I’d love to work for them full- time and I thought I’d be a huge help.

I got a call from one of my clients in Toronto, a very wealthy person, who was looking for someone to work on the koalans in Toronto and I had this incredible feeling of freedom.

I thought to myself, I’ve never been to a zoo before, I’m going to do what I love and do it as an independent artist.

So one day, I got an email from a person in Toronto who said, “I’d love for you to come and do a documentary on koalaks.

I’m working with the Humane Research Council and I have an amazing team of people who are working on koala conservation.

I think you’d be great at this.”

So I went and I met the team.

It turned out to be one of Canada’s largest zoological parks, which has over 15,000 animals and it was a zoo.

So it was amazing.

They had all these incredible zookeepers, they were doing everything from zoos, to breeding, to rehabilitation, to teaching people how to care for koalaws.

So when I got there, I was blown away by the staff.

It made me think, “Wow, I have this incredible opportunity.”

I’ve worked with them on a lot of conservation projects, but it was the first time I was really working on a koalapark.

I had a lot to learn.

But the people in the staff were really kind and caring.

They were super enthusiastic about helping me out.

So for the first few months, I had people come up to me and give me a hand.

It didn’t take long before I was able to be on their team.

Then I started to see more of the wildlife and I started taking a more active role in their work.

What did you learn from that experience?

David, right now, we’re not doing anything to protect koalaps in the way that we used to.

But we’re working on getting them to go to other sanctuaries and we’re making a lot more efforts to help them in other parts of the world to get them to a sanctuary.

And we’re also working to improve the koalan population.

In fact, the koalees that are in Canada are actually in a good habitat.

They’re getting bigger and bigger and they are eating less of their natural prey,

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