When will we drink water again?

The answer to that question is far from clear, but some scientists think it could be as soon as this year.

The idea has been floated by several experts in the field and is a bit like the concept of carbonated drinks being phased out in favor of water-based drinks.

According to the American Beverage Association, a group of beverage industry professionals, drinking water will be around for a while.

That’s because water is what most people think of when they think of water, the organization says.

So drinking water is a lot easier when we know it comes from somewhere, it has a strong flavor, and it tastes good.

“Water is just a basic ingredient that we all know and trust, and that’s where it all comes together,” said Jim Pascual, president of the International Association of Beverage Marketing (IABM), a trade group representing beverage companies.

Water-based beverages can include water, fruit juice, ice and water purifiers.

“There is not a shortage of water,” Pascua said.

“We don’t have a scarcity of water.

People in the world are going to drink water.”

A new water source has been proposed, but the technology to produce it hasn’t yet been developed.

For now, it’s just a pipe.

As water becomes a part of our everyday life, it could prove to be a good way to get more people to drink it.

And it could also help with global water issues.

Water shortages have plagued many developing countries, including the United States, and have caused a severe drop in water availability.

In recent years, water has been a hot topic in some parts of the world, with the United Nations calling on countries to reduce their use of water to help mitigate the water crisis.

But in many places, water scarcity has created an environment where people are being forced to drink bottled water or tap water instead.

In some places, the water supply is not available, and some people can’t even get access to it.

In those situations, the idea of drinking water becomes much more appealing, experts say.

The idea of bottled water has also drawn attention from scientists, who have been trying to come up with new ways to create a water supply without the need for a large amount of water in order to produce the product.

There are several ways to produce water that are not currently possible with traditional means of production, according to the IABM.

Some are water filtration systems, which are used to extract water from seawater, which can be produced using various chemicals.

Another method is to use natural minerals to create water from a mineral called pyroxene.

A third is to produce and store water from an underground spring that has been tapped, and the liquid water can be purified using carbon dioxide.

This method is called “sustainability hydropower,” or “sustainable energy.”

It is currently a research and development project.

While there are still some water-intensive industries, scientists are now hoping to get a sustainable energy industry going in many other areas, such as water, agriculture and food processing.

Scientists are working on water recycling.

For instance, researchers at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill are working with local governments to convert water used in the drinking water system into drinking water for people who live in urban areas.

Water recycling could be a way to recycle water that ends up in the ocean or into a landfill.

Many water resources are under-utilized, and researchers are looking to get these resources back into the public sphere.

Experts also believe that we are losing some of the benefits of water conservation when we drink it instead of drinking from it.

For example, if we consume more water, we might end up consuming more minerals, according a 2014 report by the Pew Research Center.

But water conservation can also be a great way to reduce our dependence on dirty, toxic substances like chemicals, lead and other toxic metals.

If the water is produced with more water and used more wisely, the environment will benefit from it, Pascu said.

At the same time, drinking from a water source is not necessarily good for the environment, said Robert L. Zinn, a water scientist at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), in an interview with Fox News.

I think we’re actually starting to see the beginning of that shift, he said.

That means we’re beginning to get better results.

But it is not going to be easy, especially when it comes to using water for our health.

One solution could be to create artificial water that is not water but is instead water containing minerals, such an artificial pond, or even the use of recycled water from local sources, Piscua said, adding that this is something he is already looking into.

That’s why there are also some new initiatives to reduce pollution.

Drinking water is no longer considered the best way to conserve our environment, experts believe.

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