When you drink heavy water with your drink, do you get dizzy?

Heavy drinking is bad for your health, but drinking acid water may actually make you feel sick, a new study suggests.

A recent review of several studies found that drinking acidic water increases the risk of certain types of dehydration and nausea, and could make you more prone to getting sick.

However, that wasn’t the only concern.

When researchers tried to measure how much acid-rich water was consumed, they found that it wasn’t necessarily as bad as the studies suggested.

“If you drink acid water in moderation, you might be able to avoid a few days of dehydration,” said lead researcher Daniel W. Tardieu of the University of Washington.

Tardsie, a research scientist at the University in Seattle, and his colleagues studied the effects of consuming acidic water on several different diseases.

One study found that acidic water is associated with a higher risk of cancer and diabetes, and a second found that those with low levels of acidity drank more water than people with higher levels of water.

Tons of evidence has shown that acidic drinking has positive effects on the body, but Tardie said it’s unclear if the health benefits are enough to make people stop drinking it.

“We’re just starting to understand how the acidity affects the body,” Tardiu told Wired.

“The question is, if we want to prevent disease, is it better to avoid the acidification of the water or is it possible to reduce the risk?

The results of our study suggest the latter, Tarduio said.


TARDUIO AND his colleagues analyzed 10 studies that had looked at the effect of acid water on different types of conditions, and found that the higher the acid level, the more likely a person was to have a particular condition.

In particular, people with low pH had a higher incidence of metabolic acidosis and were more likely to have chronic kidney disease, diabetes, asthma, and cancer, the researchers found.

The researchers also found that people who drank more acidic water were also more likely not to have the disease. “

There’s a lot of evidence that shows that acid is a key player in acid-induced dehydration, which in turn is a contributing factor to metabolic acidity,” Tardsiue said.

The researchers also found that people who drank more acidic water were also more likely not to have the disease.

Tardingio said his team hopes that their results will help lead to more rigorous studies on how acid water affects health.

“For a lot, the research is not very rigorous, and that’s where we have our hope,” TARDUI said.

“I think the best way to understand this is to take a look at the data.

And if we can show a causal relationship, that would help us really understand the mechanism.”

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