When is tap water safe?

On Thursday, the Environmental Protection Agency issued a new recommendation on drinking water safety, saying that “the risk of water contamination from lead, arsenic, mercury and other contaminants is increasing in drinking water supplies in the United States.”

The agency said that water quality testing should include sampling to assess lead levels in drinking-water samples, and that testing should be conducted at tap water treatment plants in a “consistent manner.”

The new guidelines will apply to water systems and distribution systems, but they are also meant to help people get water from sources other than tap water.

Some of the guidelines include: • “In all water systems that use tap water, testing should identify any lead-based paint, sealant, or material in the water supply, or in any water system surface that may contain lead.”

• “Testing should also identify any other materials or chemicals that may be in the drinking water supply.”

The EPA said that the agency’s new guidelines are meant to give consumers information about how safe their water is, and to make it easier to determine if a water source is drinking.

“In the past, many states have been unable to test tap water and have not been able to provide information on the potential health effects of drinking water contamination,” the EPA said.

“The U.S. Public Health Service (USPHS) recommends that all Americans have their drinking water tested regularly, and we urge states to follow this recommendation.”

But many water systems have refused to test their tap water or the water they distribute, and the EPA did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Mother Jones.

“We need to be proactive and work with the public to get the information that’s necessary to ensure public health,” said Amy Dacey, a spokesperson for the National Water Project, which is a nonprofit group that promotes access to clean water for all Americans.

“States and localities should be following the recommendations and have an integrated plan in place to implement them.”

The USPHS said that it is “encouraging” states to implement the new guidelines, and “to work with our partners in the private sector to develop and implement a statewide plan that includes monitoring, monitoring and reporting.”

“States can now begin the process of updating their drinking-ground water systems to comply with the new recommendations, and these changes are consistent with the recommendations of the EPA,” said Mark Cieslik, director of public affairs for the USPSS, in a statement.

The new recommendations come after a report by the US Public Health Association that found that drinking water quality tests were too hard to complete and that water testing should focus on specific parts of the system rather than the entire system.

“Some of the more controversial parts of this recommendation, such as sampling for lead and arsenic, are well-established scientific and industry practices that are supported by the evidence,” said Mary Beth Gersh, a senior scientist with the National Research Council’s Center for Environmental Health.

“These recommendations will help make the public health system safer for drinking water and will help meet the need for water quality information across all drinking-grounds.”

According to the EPA, the new rules are expected to be released in late April, but the agency has not yet set a date for public comment on the rules.

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